Osaka Holiday Paradise

大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

Osaka Holiday Paradise - 大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

4/11-13 Results, BKK & Bodyguard to Dotonbori?

Friday was the final Happy Weekday show due to Osaka Pro withdrawing from Nasci Hall Umeda later this month.

Dotonbori Pro held a big show at Osaka Bodymaker Colosseum #2 today in front of a healthy crowd.  The big story was after the main event when Billyken Kid and the Bodyguard appeared.  BKK said that he & Bodyguard were there to help out Dotonbori Pro, but Shingen (Hideyoshi) told them they weren’t allowed to ruin things.  This then prompted the entire Dotonbori regular army to appear.  Kuuga pointed out that BKK & Bodyguard were enemies of everybody.  All of this led to perhaps a confrontation at Dotonbori Pro’s 4/29 show in Osaka.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/11/13
“Osaka Happy Weekday THE FINAL!”
Nasci Hall Umeda
156 Fans
1. Takoyakida (11:12 Diving Elbow Drop) Katsumi Oribe
2. Kazuaki Mihara [W] & Naoki Setoguchi (13:03 Kinniku Buster) Bull Armor TAKUYA & Ogyu Yoriaki [L]
3. Black Buffalo, Ebessan [W] & Kanjyuro Matsuyama (30:05 Howaitonin’niku Muso) Tigers Mask [L], Taro Nohashi & Hide Kubota

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/12/14
“Mini Mini Holiday Paradise”
Nasci Hall Umeda
101 Fans
1. Black Buffalo [W] & Ultimate Spider Jr (13:47 Lariat) Takeshi Irei & Katsumi Oribe [L]
2. 3WAY Match: Takoyakida (13:25 TKO) Tigers Mask [L], Naoki Setoguchi [L]
3. Ebessan [W] & Kanjyuro Matsuyama [W] (22:20 3 Knockdown) Hide Kubota [L] & Kazuaki Mihara [L]

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/13/14
“Mini Mini Holiday Paradise”
Nasci Hall Umeda
67 Fans
1. Black Buffalo (11:09 Lariat) Gran Haniwa
2. Naoki Setoguchi (13:36 Diving Knee Drop) Kanjyuro Matsuyama
3. Ultimate Spider Jr [W] & Takoyakida (14:11 Hurican Rana) Hide Kubota & Kazuaki Mihara [L]

4/7-10 Results

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/7/14
“Osaka Happy Weekday”
Nasci Hall Umeda
135 Fans
1. Quiet Storm (8:37 Clothesline from New York) Takeshi Irei
2. Takoyakida (12:08 Schoolboy) Yumemaru-kun
3. 3WAY Match: Kazuaki Mihara (15:37 Running Body Press) Kanjyuro Matsuyama [L], Naoki Setoguchi

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/9/14
“Osaka Happy Weekday”
Nasci Hall Umeda
55 Fans
1. Quiet Storm (8:28 Crossface Lock) Katsumi Oribe
2. Ebessan & Takeshi Irei [W] (14:04 Spear) Kanjyuro Matsuyama & Yohnel Sanders [L]
3. Naoki Setoguchi [W] & Kazuaki Mihara (14:11 Ground Cobra Twist Hold) Ultimate Spider Jr [L] & Takoyakida

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/10/14
“Osaka Happy Weekday”
Nasci Hall Umeda
66 Fans
1. Naoki Setoguchi [W] & Katsumi Oribe (10:43 Diving Knee Drop) Quiet Storm & Takeshi Irei [L]
2. Kazuaki Mihara (10:27 Running Body Press) Gran Haniwa
3. Kanjyuro Matsuyama [W] & Takoyakida (16:17 Jindaiko) Yohnel Sanders & Meirii [L]

4/5 & 4/6 Results

For those wondering, Togyo and Han Teyun are wrestlers from Taiwan.

Perhaps for the final time, Black Buffalo and Tsubasa teamed up as Infinity today.  They came out in their trademark black and silver colors, with Buffalo wrestling the match with his mask on.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/5/14
“Mini Mini Holiday Paradise”
Nasci Hall Umeda
46 Fans
1. Quiet Storm (8:55 Crossface Lock) Takeshi Irei
2. Ebessan & Kanjyuro Matsuyama (19:42 Jindaiko) Black Buffalo & Yumemaru-kun [L]
3. Ultimate Spider Jr [W], Takoyakida & Togyo (16:42 Pinfall) Kazuaki Mihara, Naoki Setoguchi & Han Teyun [L]

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/6/14
“Osaka Holiday Paradise”
Nasci Hall Umeda
118 Fans
1. Naoki Setoguchi (10:01 Diving Knee Drop) Togyo
2. Kazuaki Mihara (8:11 Clothesline from Kyoto) Han Teyun
3. Billyken Kid (16:39 Schoolboy) Gran Haniwa
4. Black Buffalo [W] & Tsubasa (13:05 Lariat) Zeus & Takoyakida [L]
5. Quiet Storm [W], Ultimate Spider Jr & Yohnel Sanders (21:09 Fisherman’s Buster) Ebessan, Kanjyuro Matsuyama & Yumemaru-kun

4/4 Results: Black Buffalo 20th Anniversary

Black Buffalo today celebrated his 20th anniversary in professional wrestling in front of 400 fans, which might be the biggest crowd in Nasci Hall Umeda history.  Buffalo took on New Japan legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger in the main event, losing in a close battle after a top rope brainbuster.

Afterwards, Liger congratulated Buffalo on his anniversary.  Buffalo in return thanked Liger for facing him.  Buffalo’s children then climbed into the ring and presented him with bouquets of flowers.  All the wrestlers came out to congratulate Buffalo and took a group photo to close things out.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/4/14
“Black Buffalo Debut 20th Anniversary Kogyo”
Nasci Hall Umeda
400 Fans (Super No Vacancy Full House)
1. Masahiko Takatomo (8:09 Crab Hold) Katsumi Oribe
2. Tsubasa [W] & Ultimate Spider Jr (14:07 Tobitsuki Zenpo Kaiten Ebigatame) HUB & Billyken Kid [L]
3. Ebessan, Kuishinbo Kamen [W] & Hiroshi Tanabota (18:04 Kankuu Tornado) Kikutaro, Kanjyuro Matsuyama & Takoyakida [L]
4. Zeus [W], Keizo Matsuda & Naoki Setoguchi (11:15 Chokeslam) Magnitude Kishiwada, Quiet Storm & Kazuaki Mihara [L]
5. Koji Kanemoto (15:42 Ankle Hold) Tigers Mask
6. Special Single Match: Jushin “Thunder” Liger (18:42 Nadare-shiki Vertical Drop Brainbuster) Black Buffalo

3/31 Results

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 3/31/14
“Osaka Happy Weekday”
Nasci Hall Umeda
37 Fans
1. Kazuaki Mihara (9:07 Kinniku Buster) Ogyu Yoriaki
2. Kanjyuro Matsuyama (12:48 Oklahoma Roll) Ebessan
3. Black Buffalo [W] & Takoyakida (15:35 Lariat) Yun Gang Chul & Drum Khan [L]