Osaka Holiday Paradise

大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

Osaka Holiday Paradise - 大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

July-September 2014 Results

Apologies for no site updates, but we should be back on track now.

There hasn’t much in the way of storylines, but as one can see, DRAGON GATE has been a heavy influence on the cards.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 7/12/14
“Osaka Pro-Wrestling in Ju-San~Shonben Yokochu Fukko Shien Kogyo~”
Yodogawa Ward Community Center
349 Fans (No Vacancy)
1. HUB [W] & Kaiju New World (9:52 T0guro-maki Lariat) Caramel Boy [L] & Jimmy Kanda
2. Yohnel Sanders & Sakigake [W] (12:10 Sliding Elbow) Shinya Ishida [L] & Makoto Renka
3. Takoyakida (10:31 Takoyaki Suplex Hold) Okonomiyakida
4. Osaka Owari Title Decision Match: Ebessan (14:07 Kaiun Moonsault Press) Kuishinbo Kamen
*Ebessan becomes the 18th Champion
5. Gamma w/ Haruka Abeno, Magnitude Kishiwada [W] & Golden Dragon (14:36 Last Ride) Don Fujii, Night Scooper Hiroshi [L] & Yosuke♡Santa Maria

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 7/26/14
“Osaka Pro-Wrestling Hirano Kumin Center Taikai”
Hirano Kumin Center
176 Fans
1. Super Shisa [W] & Makoto Renka (8:56 SAITO Special #3) Sakigake & Caramel Boy [L]
2. Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin (9:43 Casanova) Golden Dragon
3. Cyber Kong (9:22 Pineapple Bomber) Kaiju New World
4. Takoyakida [W] & Okonomiyakida (14:42 Takoyaki Suplex Hold) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! & Jimmy Kanda [L]
5. Tsubasa, Kuishinbo Kamen [W] & T-Hawk (12:15 Shippo Muchi Kogeki Gobaku kara no Schoolboy) Gamma w/ Haruka Abeno [L], HUB & Don Fujii

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 8/24/14
“Osaka Pro-Wrestling in Hirano”
Hirano Kumin Center
207 Fans (No Vacancy)
1. Caramel Boy [W] & Makoto Renka (11:16 Glycogen Steiner) Night Scooper Hiroshi [L] & Shinya Ishida
2. HANZO (9:52 Backdrop Hold) Victory Shanghai
3. Magnitude Kishiwada (10:57 Cobra Twist) Sakigake
4. Tsubasa [W] & CIMA (17:45 Genbakugatame) Golden Dragon [W] & Okonomiyakida
5. Gamma w/ Haruka Abeno, Kuishinbo Kamen & Takoyakida [W] (18:51 Diving Elbow Drop) Ebessan, HUB & Kaiju New World [L]

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 9/7/14
“Osaka Pro-Wrestling Ga Yattekita! in Juzo”
Yodogawa Ward Community Center
291 Fans
1. Night Scooper Hiroshi & Sakigake [W] (8:45 Sliding Elbow) Kaiju New World [L] & Makoto Renka
2. Caramel Boy (6:40 Caramel Clutch) Victory Shanghai
3. Yutaka (6:17 Powerhara) Shinya Ishida
Emergency Special Match: Caramel Boy & Sakigake [W] (6:04 Sliding Elbow) Yutaka & Shinya Ishida [L]
4. Kuishinbo Kamen [W] & Takoyakida (16:25 Schoolboy) Ebessan [L] & Okonomiyakida
5. Tsubasa [W], Magnitude Kishiwada & CIMA (17:10 Tobisuki Zenpo Kaiten Ebigatame) Gamma w/ Haruka Abeno [L], HANZO & HUB

6/28 Results

Kuishinbo Kamen directly appealed to Ebessan about deciding a new Owari Champion after the main event.  Ebessan agreed to a singles match and the two will face off on 7/12 to determine the new Owari Champion.

It was announced during intermission that DRAGON GATE’s Don Fujii and Jimmy Kanda would be participating on the 7/12 show, as well as an “X” for the main event.

Yohnel Sanders’ Dragon Twister finisher is the same as the F5.

It should be noted that Night Scooper Hiroshi & Caramel Boy are 0-3 as a team in the new Osaka Pro.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 6/28/14
“Holiday Paradise in Taisho”
Hirano Kumin Center
284 Fans (No Vacancy)
1. Sakigake [W] & Makoto Renka (10:58 Sliding Elbow) Night Scooper Hiroshi [L] & Caramel Boy
2. Yohnel Sanders (6:24 Dragon Twister) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
3. HUB & Okonomiyakida [W] (11:57 Zeppin no Kote-gaeshi) Golden Dragon & Shachihoko BOY [L]
4. Magnitude Kishiwada (10:33 Diving Body Press) Kaiju New World
5. Gamma w/ Haruka Abeno, CIMA & Kuishinbo Kamen [W] (20:55 Kankuu Tornado) Tsubasa, Takoyakida & Ebessan [L]

6/15 Results, Schedule Updated

It was announced that DRAGON GATE’s CIMA would be participating on Osaka Pro’s next show on 6/28.

Also, the “Schedule” section has been updated as Osaka Pro has announced dates through September.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 6/15/14
“Holiday Paradise in Taisho”
Osaka Azalea Taisho
296 Fans (No Vacancy)
1. ~Opening Match: Makoto Renka [W] & Shinya Ishida (17:06 Avalanche Hold) Night Scooper Hiroshi & Caramel Boy [L]
2. Kushikatsu Oyaji (6:46 Referee Stop) Kaiju New World
3. Tsubasa (9:57 Quebrada todo Alto) Golden Dragon
4. Okonomiyakida (0:06 Lariat) Takoyakida
Restart: Takoyakida (6:46 Kancho kara no Schoolboy) Okonomiyakida
5. Atsushi Kotoge, HUB & Kuishinbo Kamen [W] (16:41 Kankuu Tornado) Daisuke Harada, Gamma & Ebessan [L]

Current State of the Website Address

As you may of course know, Osaka Pro has gone and will probably continue to undergo a lot of changes in the near future.  This includes running far less shows, which in turn means not as much content, results-wise, on this website.

Besides that, myself and Andy have had changes in our personal lives as well.  You have have deduced that from our reporting of the April results, which weren’t as prompt as they’ve been in the past.

However, this website will continue to be up and running.  We’ll still report on any Osaka Pro show, storylines, or news.

Depending on our time and how “important” it is, we’ll also be updating everybody on the status of the former Osaka Pro guys like Atsushi Maruyama (Tigers Mask), Buffalo, etc.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, please either leave a comment or send an e-mail to either myself or Andy at the e-mail addresses listed on the side.

Thank you again for your continued support.

5/18 Results: Harada and CIMA Participation

The team of GHC Jr Heavyweight Champion Daisuke Harada and Takoyakida had to come back from an offensive onslaught from DRAGON GATE’s CIMA and Ultimate Spider Jr to win the semi-final.  Afterwards, Takoyakida declared that he would become the “core of Osaka Pro” in USJ’s absence.  USJ is scheduled to have shoulder surgery in the very near future.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 5/18/14
“Holiday Paradise in Heiya”
Hirano Kumin Center
352 Fans (Super No Vacancy Full House)
1. ~Opening Match: Sakigate & Rey Paloma [W] (11:32 Moonsault Press) Night Scooper Hiroshi & Caramel Boy [L]
2. Kushikatsu Oyaji (6:51 Katsu Senton) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
3. HUB (8:50 Toguro-maki) Kaiju New World
4. Daisuke Harada & Takoyakida [W] (19:17 Hiryugenbakugatame) CIMA & Ultimate Spider Jr [L]
5. Osaka Metbutsu Battle: Tsubasa, Golden Dragon & Kuishinbo Kamen [W] (15:31 Kankuu Tornado) Gamma, Okonomiyakida [L] & Ebessan