Osaka Holiday Paradise

大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

Osaka Holiday Paradise - 大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

4/20 Results: Roster Says Goodbye

Apologies for the lateness of this report.

Osaka Pro’s current roster said goodbye to the fans and Nasci Hall Umeda this past Sunday in front of a sold out crowd.  Tigers Mask ended up winning the Battle Royal Title in the main event that lasted over 40 minutes and even included our good friend Kenji getting involved.

All the wrestlers gathered to take one last photo with the fans to close out the show.

Other notable news items, both during and afterwards.

-Zeus returned the Osaka Pro Title and hinted about a name change.

-Both Tigers Mask and Black Buffalo unveiled new characters in Tokyo on 4/22.  Tigers is now unmasked and is known as Atsushi Maruyama.  Buffalo is now simply known as Buffalo and wrestles in a new modified mask.

-Billyken Kid, Bodyguard, Kazuaki Mihara, Zeus, and Katsumi Oribe are all scheduled to compete on Dotonbori Pro’s next tour.  BKK also is booked for a couple of All Japan Pro-Wrestling shows.

Osaka Pro-Wrestling, 4/20/14
“Osaka Holiday Paradise”
Nasci Hall Umeda
450 Fans
1. Katsumi Oribe (8:05 Migi Jodan Keri) Yuji Yoshida
2. Naoki Setoguchi (12:54 Ground Cobra Twist Hold) Kazuaki Mihara
3. 3WAY Match: Keigo Yoshino (19:39 Triple 3 Count) Tigers Mask [L], Ebessan [L], Kanjyuro Matsuyama [L]
4. Zeus, The Bodyguard [W] & Quiet Storm (13:30 Double Chokeslam) Black Buffalo, Billyken Kid & Bull Armor TAKUYA [L]
5. Takoyakida [W] & Ultimate Spider Jr (21:10 Takoyaki Suplex Hold) Tsubasa & Kuishinbo Kamen [L]
6. Osaka Pro-Wrestling Battle Royal Title Match: Tigers Mask (41:15 Pinfall) Billyken Kid
*Naoki Setoguchi fails in defense, Tigers Mask becomes the 37th champion
*Order of elimination: Tsubasa, Bull Armor TAKUYA, Yuji Yoshida, Zeus & The Bodyguard, Kanjyuro Matsuyama, Kenji-kun, Naoki Setoguchi, Kazuaki Mihara, Katsumi Oribe, Taiyo Yoneda, Ebessan & Quiet Storm, Black Buffalo, Ultimate Spider, Takoyakida

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  • Marty says:

    It’s the end of an era! </3 I'm heartbroken, even though there was news that Osaka Pro wasn't going to go away completely. I'm thrilled Kenji was able to get in on the action. It seems like a fitting thing to do, considering he was always there.

    04/25/2014 at 5:27 PM

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