Osaka Holiday Paradise

大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

Osaka Holiday Paradise - 大阪ホリデーパラダイス: 大阪プロレスのサポート!

Tigers Mask

Nickname: Yaju
Birthdate: 6/1/1976
Debut: 5/19/2001
Hometown: Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Theme Music: “Tigers Mask Theme”

Titles & Tournaments Won
-Osaka Pro-Wrestling Title (4)
-Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Title (3)
-Osaka Pro-Wrestling Owari Title (2)
-Osaka Meibutsu Sekaiichi Title
-Tennozan 2007 Winner
-Osaka Tag Festival 2006, 2007 and 2011 Co-Winner
-Osaka Pro-Wrestling 12 Year Anniversary Celebration 6man Tag Tournament Winner
-Open The Brave Gate (DRAGON GATE)
-Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title
-Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship (DDT)
-IMGP (International Muscle Grand Prix) Title (DDT)
-MWF World Junior Heavyweight Title

Signature Moves
-Mangetsu no Yoru: Buzzsaw kick, means “Night of the Full Moon”
-Tigers Suplex Hold
-Henkei Tigers Suplex Hold: Wrist clutch variation
-Ground Manjigatame
-German Suplex: Usually of the release kind
-Tigers Special #0
-Zatopek Hold: Hammer lock grounded front facelock with body scissors

Ameblo Blog

Tigers Mask is one of the featured front line players in Osaka Pro.  He debuted in 2001 with a baseball costume similar to the Hanshin Tigers.  His team with Billyken Kid was a highlight in late 2003, the two having great matches against Kishiwada Gurentai.  Their tag title reign is regarded as one of, if not, the best in company history.  Because of how good their matches were, a VHS was released of all of their memorable defenses.

It seemed like Tigers was ready for bigger things in 2005, but he couldn’t capitalize on his title opportunities.  After much struggling, Tigers finally came through at Hurricane 2007, defeating former partner BKK in the main event to capture the Osaka Pro Title.  It was here where he unveiled a new long pants costume, showing off a toned upper body.  He would hold the championship for 17 months, making successful defenses against the likes of Masamune and Kaientai Dojo’s Daigoro Kashiwa.  The most memorable defense came against Black Buffalo at Hurricane 2008 in a Title vs. Mask Match.  Tigers survived Buffalo’s onslaught and managed to pick up the victory, forcing Buffalo to unmask and reveal his face to the world.

Tigers would lose the title to Hideyoshi in July 2008.  A month or so later, he went on a short excursion to Michinoku Pro for a juniors tournament.  Tigers discovered the advantages of being a heel during this time away and came back to Osaka Pro a changed person. He turned on Seikigun after a few weeks of dissension with BKK, starting a heel army and unveiling a bodyguard named Kurofuku.  Buffalo, Masamune, and the mysterious Orochi would soon join him in his new venture.  Kurofuku was then renamed to the Bodyguard.  Strangely, the group had no name for a number of months until they were called Shinsei (Newborn) LOV.  LOV was the original heel group in Osaka Pro that was led by Dick Togo and featured Buffalo as well.

Masamune left the group in the spring of 2009 after not agreeing with the group’s constant attacking of Hideyoshi.

The upstart Tadasuke turned on his B&G group on the first of the 2009 Tag Festival, revealing himself as Orochi’s mystery partner and joining Tigers in the process.

Both Orochi & Bodyguard turned on Tigers in August 2010 to join Cooger in a new heel movement.

Tigers, Buffalo & Tadasuke tried their best against JOKER in the fall, but often came up short.  Tadasuke then turned against them and joined JOKER in January 2011.  Tigers was then left alone as Buffalo was forced to align with JOKER after losing a tag match at the February IMP Hall show.  However, Naoki Setoguchi said he would assist Tigers after being supported by LOV during his lengthy injury absence.

Buffalo would rebel against JOKER after a few weeks in JOKER and rejoin Tigers & Setoguchi to win a six-man tournament.  As a result, they won the right to make any match for the 12th anniversary show.  Buffalo immediately booked Tigers against Kuuga for the Osaka Pro Title, which Tigers won to become champion for the 3rd time.  Tigers would lose the title to BKK at Hurricane less than four months later.

His nickname “Yaju” and buzzsaw kick finisher name comes from the popular Japanese metal band Seikima-ii.  Tigers developed quite the comedic persona since his initial heel turn, but still regarded as one of the more dangerous fighters in the company.

Many forget the fact that Tigers has an extensive amateur background.  However, he doesn’t show it often.  Around his birthday every year, Tigers produces his own show at Kyoto KBS Hall.